Mindful grief courses


Are you trying to cope with a significant loss and struggling to process grief?

Grief is real and cannot be ignored or brushed under the carpet in the hope it goes away. It never leaves us but I can help you move through it and teach you some valuable techniques to enable you to feel better.

You may feel unable to cope with the over whelming feelings of guilt, responsibility, anger, regret and intensity of your loss. Grief affects everyone differently, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ way to feel better. It takes time to allow your mind to process the shock and devastation.

Mindfulness meditation can help reduce anxiety and boost your mental wellbeing so that you can work through the process in your own way.  My courses are very gentle and you will meet other people who feel the same way.

We all work together learning different meditations and techniques that we can use on a daily basis. The groups are called ‘Good Grief’ and are a way to talk to others and help one another find positive ways forward through grief.

Sessions will include guided meditations, mindfulness techniques and piano meditations. You will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your life, react mindfully and take good care of yourself and others which will bring about a boost in your mental health.

The focus on each session is to find new ways to move forward and giving your grief the respect it deserves.

These small groups can take place at Maple Leaf Counselling Centre or in your home. I work with groups of friends and families to help them recognise emotional reactions and reduce patterns of destructive behaviours which often occur during the initial stages of grief.

Although these groups are not therapy, they are therapeutic and the emphasis is always about the future and finding new ways to live without the person or people we have lost.

Please call Ceinwen on 07842 129412 or email ceinwen@solihullmindfulness.com for more information.